The first meeting as a new committee was at Rev. Patrick Tan's church at Praise Lighthouse A/G. Pastor Patrick is also the SD Assistant Superintendent for the 2016 - 2018 term. Rev. Christopher Mun assigned roles and shared his 2016-2018 vision, plans and goals for the Southern District. They visited few Pastors and their churches in Lower Johor.


22-24 August 2016

The Southern District Committee had their planning retreat at the Tabernacle of Worship in Seremban. 3 districts came together for their respective planning retreats: Northern, KL East and the Southern Districts. The SD retreat officially began with a devotion from Rev. Christopher Mun about fruitfulness from Matthew 13:3-8.

6-7 September 2016

The SD committee went to visit the pastors at the Upper Johor Zone.

8-9 November 2016

The committee met in Seremban. The next day, attended the Negeri Sembilan Zone AG Pastors Fellowship in Agape Community Church A/G at 10:30 am.

SD Pastors' School in Swan Garden Hotel Melaka - 24-26 October 2016

Another highlight of 2016 was the SD Pastors' School. It was held in Swan Garden Hotel in Melaka. The theme was "The 21st Century Minister." The speakers were our EXCO members Rev. Ronnie Chin and Rev. Dr. Samuel Ng, who were both knowledgeable about current trends. They delivered their material excellently. Many pastors who came were inspired, strengthened and encouraged.